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Posted By: Bladejewel Thunderwing Titan - 03/14/17 06:31 PM
1.) Upgrade tower to stage 4. Each stage requires 250 contributions. Each contribution requires 10 Reedwind Essence. So in total you need 10,000 Reedwind Essence.

2.) You need to be level 50 to progress beyond this point. When you take the portal you get the Promised Guardian buff. There is a crafting workbench at this island for you to make your Titan’s Healing Potion and Titan’s Mana Potion. Titan’s Healing Potion requires 10 Desert Fires and 10 Glowing Prisms and you obtain 10 Titan’s Healing Potions. For the Titan’s Mana Potions it requires 10 Mossy Pool’s and 10 Glowing prisms and you obtain 10 Titan’s Mana Potions. Each craft only requires 20 labor. And the potions are tradable

3.) To summon Thunderwing Titan itself you need the Promised Gaurdian buff and it consumes 1 Titansgone Ruby and 10 Lord’s Coins. Obtaining Titan’s Wings requires 10 Glowing Prisms for each person.

4.) Once summoned the Thunderwing Titan will remain for 2 hours. After that the Tower will downgrade 2 stages. Once summoned, the Thunderwing Titan cannot be summoned again for 48 hours.

5.) The participants will receive 2 sets of wings. The blue wings are for melee and ranged. The red set is for healers and mages. These wings are scaled directly off of your main stats. The Titan potions you craft can only be used while you have the wings equipped.

6.) You can see the Thunderwing on your minimap once you launch into the air, so you can easily find and fly to it.

7.) With the wings equipped you have multiple skills. For the blue wings, the first skill is a boost, the 2nd skill is the ranged attack, and the 3rd skill is the melee attack. The last skill is an attack that when stacked to 50 times it will temporarily halt the Thunderwing in place. That skill you need to be fairly close to it.

8.) Blue orbs you will want to dodge. Red orbs you will want to dodge as well. He will summon additional mobs that if not killed will eventually turn into orbs that will heal the Thunderwing, so you will want to kill the adds as fast as possible. It will drop feather orbs as well. Collect as many of those as possible because they will give you special skills.

9.) He has several different attacks that show up on the buff bar. Wing attack will shove you away if you get to close and damage you.
Any other mechanics as it stands will need to be discovered as we do it.

[Linked Image]

This seems to be the path it takes based on what a forum user put up. And yes i know its hard to see but it follows the water in an upside down U.
Posted By: Exey Re: Thunderwing Titan - 03/14/17 08:43 PM
doesn't seem too difficult tbh... the difficult part is getting to the point where we can summon it and then getting practice on the mechanics... otherwise if we're hoping to "one shot" it we will need to make sure everyone is very stacked with pots and we need to bring as many people as possible to account for the learning pains of a new fight. The fact that it's already been done a few times proves that it's probably not that difficult. We shouldn't fall into the same trap like we did for red dragon where we hesitated to do it for so long, then when we did it we were surprised at how not too hard it was.

If you guys have any more input or resources to help everyone lean please drop them in this thread so we can direct people here to spin up on the fight.

Posted By: Jerrod Re: Thunderwing Titan - 03/19/17 03:55 PM
The Mechanics for this boss are a bit weird and in consistent. Kinda works like first phase RD. You'll be flying and randomly take damage at some point, and its very difficult to do this boss if you're squishy. (Like me.)

During the fight:

Thunderwing will fly around and shoot out red and blue orbs in a weird flurry, all going in random directions. These hit like a truck, so dont touch them.
Thunderwing will at some point drag everyone in a large radius into him, much like Kraken does when he's ink splashing and dealing damage to everyone pulled in.
Thunderwing will curl up and create a giant orb around him, after a short cast (which is uninterruptible) he will heal a large portion of his health, roughly 45-50% back of all dmg done. (Not sure if this can full heal him if not enough damage is done, and not sure when this can trigger.)
Thunderwing will apply a slow to all gliders around him during the fight, which will also inflict a damage over time attack that you'll have to pot through. This is where pots come in handy cause the glider heal wont out-heal this and theres no ode botting here.
Posted By: Viria Re: Thunderwing Titan - 03/22/17 03:58 AM
we were told the heal was a certain % of his health so aka

you dps from 100 to 75 he regens 20 (numbers not exact) you dps more he heals 20, you just have to dps enough between to not be going backwards
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