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Posted By: maddhacker Calmlands guildhouse - 10/10/16 06:52 PM
I was wondering if anyone used my Apothecary's Townhouse in Calmlands or if it would be more useful if I changed it to an Armorer's Townhouse. I will leave it as it for at least a week or so to give people time to add their opinions.
Posted By: Exey Re: Calmlands guildhouse - 10/10/16 08:43 PM
we have an armorer house on gg so i'd say leave it as a pot house unless you were just looking for something closer to other land in calmlands to craft on
Posted By: Viria Re: Calmlands guildhouse - 10/10/16 11:37 PM
Tinqu has a public apoc house in nuimari near the fellowship too
Posted By: maddhacker Re: Calmlands guildhouse - 10/11/16 09:01 PM
So since there is another apoc house in Auroria should I change it to an armorer house so he have one of them in Auroria also?
Posted By: Viria Re: Calmlands guildhouse - 10/12/16 02:19 AM
up to you but honestly we would probably just use the GG armorers most so do it for you and if you set it to guild then awesome.

personally i do my crafting at the public armorers house in halcy since my stuff is there
Posted By: Ravenrose Re: Calmlands guildhouse - 10/17/16 09:12 PM
We have lots of armour houses. Gg, and a bunch on the various islands.I think sugar has a armours house in aroria if im right. When it comes to apoth I though tinus was the only one always set to guild. I wouldnt spend all the money to change the house from one crafting rype to another unless its something you really want. As far as convince sugars hous is in the same zone or one zone away. I am changing my house on the island to make an apothecary house one for looks space and I want to change the way its facing and the recall thing, and the other reason is the convenience of it not costing me 3 stones to go craft when I tend to forget mats in my chest.
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