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I will keep this short and sweet.

There was a HUGE new patch with tons of new content; the largest being Player Nations. KGB in ArcheAge WILL be forming our Player Nation and we are planning to do that on 6/11/2016 or 6/12/2016. (There also happens to be a huge prize for being 1st or 2nd in NA to form a Player Nation.)

Assuming that we can complete all the requirements to get this done, we will still need roughly 75 of us all online at the same time, in the same place, doing a specific emote in-game, to finalize the nation formation (YES, this IS a requirement and not a troll.) Any of you that still have AA characters, that could help us out by popping into our TS room and joining us for the final nation ceremony, it would be greatly appreciated as we currently only have 65 active main characters in the guild on AA and Fiery will not count even if they attend the event.

If you happen to be willing to help us with the building/leveling up of the castle, there are ways you could contribute to that as well (if you are willing to log in once or twice a day over the next week.) Feel free to pop into the AA TS channel and we can give you further details.

Look forward to seeing you all at the final ceremony!

Posted By: JetStar Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/06/16 04:23 AM
Spam email send to all KGB members right after this post was made.
Posted By: Goriom Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/06/16 02:59 PM
ill stop on by and help out.
Posted By: Viria Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/07/16 02:17 AM
Don't forget to give all lords coins gained in game to romoes...with how many things i see people doing out there we should be done by now
Posted By: Vuldan Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/08/16 03:16 PM
Ill download Friday evening if I can find my log in info and be ready to help Saturday and Sunday.
Posted By: Taxman Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/08/16 11:26 PM
I will log in and see where my ArcheAge toon is at and try to help out.

Going to have a lot on my plate this weekend, so can probably only help with the "emote" thing - so will need to know when/where I will need to be in order to help for that.
We are going to begin grouping between 10am and 11am EST on Saturday 6/11/2016.
We hope to begin at 11am EST and continue till about 2pm EST.

If numbers are light, we will wait until our numbers are better.

We need to:
-Craft a pack that has a 2 hour timer which will countdown even when on a back.
-Run the one pack (worth 10,000 gold) to an unsafe zone and turn it in before the timer runs out.
-Kill a World Boss (The General of the Nuian Alliance)
-Create a Royal Seal
-RP Vow to the Sovereign (needs 50+ people)
-Read the decleration of independence
-Plant an independence flag
-Form the nation
All of the above needs to be done between 9am and 5pm EST in order to turn the quest in the same day.

For those of you who are geared and willing to buff and partake in the General kill, it will hopefully, be sometime between noon and 1pm EST on Saturday.
For those who are just coming to help us meet the 75 number cap (in-case people crash or DC) we will hopefully be doing that around 2pm EST (or possibly earlier) on Saturday.

I urge everyone to get on as early as possible and just be patient as we cannot start the festivities until we have enough KGB members.
Posted By: Viria Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/09/16 10:27 PM
Ok napping saturday afternoon for us :) festivities start at 11pm Saturday night for the aussies and goes till 7am sunday morning

We will be there for as long as humanly possible
Posted By: Arkh Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/11/16 08:51 AM
I'll reinstall and try to help.
Posted By: Exey Re: Calling all Former & Current AA Players - 06/11/16 03:36 PM
We are doing this right now btw. in case anyone planned on being here
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