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Posted By: JetStar KGB WEB INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS - 07/19/21 06:59 PM
July 19th, 2021 - Year 24


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As we move forward with a general overhaul of the KGB infrastructure, there are ongoing challenges I would like to share.

1. domain
We are on day 4 of the 5 to 7-day domain transfer from Network Solutions to Bluehost. Once that transfer is complete the transition to SSL (HTTPS) can begin. There will be massive issues to resolve with links to KGB images that will need to change form HTTP to https and other unforeseen issues that will plague us in the weeks to come. I am the only one working on these issues while trying to balance with RL and Crowfall.

2. and Lektor was build by Chalootz 5 years ago using an open-source tool called Lektor. The Lektor project has since been abandoned and I have been able to get it to install on any platform (PC, MAC, Linux). This means a complete rebuild of the website in the coming weeks. No changes will be able to be made to the current site until that is completed. Stay tuned. I am NOT as skilled as Chalootz and I am sad to say we will lose some of the fantastic theme that Lootz developed. If we have any Web designers among us that are interested in assisting, please let me know.
Posted By: syev Re: KGB WEB INFRASTRUCTURE STATUS - 07/22/21 09:55 PM
I'm willing to assist in any web work tasks.
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