July 15th, 2021 - Year 24


For many years www.the-kgb.com (Primary KGB Site), w3.the-kgb.com (Secondary KGB Site), and ts.the-kgb.com (KGB TeamSpeak) have been hosted at KGB HeadQuarters in Santa Cruz California. The host that runs www.the-kgb.com and w3.the-kgb.com was was set up by Supreme Knight and Oracle Administrator Vydor in 2013. He passed away suddenly in 2020. So it is a bitter sweet time that we bid these services farewell and move to Bluehost hosted services in the cloud.
Our domain is in the process of migrating and the change could happen anytime in the next 5 days. The move will be seamless and will allow HTTPS across the KGB spectrum with oracle.the-kgb.com already migrated and running HTTPS.

Change is a good thing during this general restart and upgrade of KGB after a long period of limited activity. Stay tuned for more positive changes over the coming weeks.

[Linked Image from w3.the-kgb.com][Linked Image from oracle.the-kgb.com]
Star Citizen Hanger:
RSI Javelin Destroyer, Hull E, RSI Constellation Pheonix, Aegis Dynamics Retaliator, Banu Merchantman
F7A Military Hornet Upgrade, F7C-S Hornet Ghost, F7C-R Hornet Tracker, Origin 325a Fighter