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Cockpit setups (Need a new joystick setup!)

Posted By: Hobbitlauncher

Cockpit setups (Need a new joystick setup!) - 11/14/13 04:45 PM

So... Star Citizen is rapidly consuming every penny in my bank account.

My old joystick is nowhere to be found, and it sucked anyway. A spring-centered Saitek, tons of dead space.

The x65f is way out of my price range without good justification for purchasing it.

The x55 has been announced but no details (and appears spring-centered) but might be in my price range and likely has a lot of great features.

However, doing some digging, a lot of people are mentioning CH products.

Anyone have any experience with them? They appear to be no-frills, solid, reliable setups with a great lifespan.

Assuming I went the CH path, their prices appear reasonable. I would obviously want HOTAS (I don't know how/why/what people do with dual sticks when not in a helicopter?) What products would I want to purchase - what model joystick, what throttle (if they sell one?) and I don't really like twisting for yaw/rudder, so are the pedals worth it (if CH makes them, if not what should I purchase?)

Any input is welcomed! I haven't done anything with a joystick since BF2! (and even then, I hated the Saitek I had because of dead spots)
Posted By: Tasorin

Re: Cockpit setups (Need a new joystick setup!) - 11/18/13 07:08 PM

For cost control and best chance of early full support from CIG there are really only two choices. One being just a flight stick, the other being a HOTAS.

The best bang for the buck is going to be the Logitech 3D Pro, which you can find at most retail outlets or on Amazon for under $35 bucks. This is a solid manf. and quality flight stick with a very high level of driver support and will be one of three or four sticks I expect supported in Alpha.

The other choice in a higher end stick w/ HOTAS is the Saitek X52, either the standard or the Pro. The Pro has a little better look and functionality to it and imho is the better of the two Saitek sticks in the long run if expect to spend a lot of time playing this title and want to play it competitively.

Once we get an actual title to play and are in the Beta stages by then you should be able to determine if you want a VR or AR controller like the Occulus Rift (VR) or the TrackIR v5 (AR).

Once we go live and have a fully functional title and we know just how much of a Flight Sim vs Space Sim this title will be you may want to add flight pedals to your mix. This is where the Saitek has considerable functionality advantages over the Logitech stick. If you just want a flight stick, go for the Logitech. If you want more functionality and control with the ability to upgrade seamlessly, then the Siatek X52 is for you.

Edit: For the record I own both of these sticks and stand behind both of them for quality and functionality in highly competitve flight/combat sim games like IL-II, RoF, BF, and MW-4/LL.

If you want a high end "Flight Sim" Pedal & Rudder then the Warthog or maybe the X55 depending on support. I don't expect CIG to give us a full Space Flight Sim. I also don't expect them to give us an Arcade Flight Sim as CR has stated several times he is building an immerseive space flight PC game....
Posted By: Hobbitlauncher

Re: Cockpit setups (Need a new joystick setup!) - 11/18/13 08:26 PM

Does anyone have experience with CH Products? I believe I used some back in the day, but I have no way to confirm (beyond that they make many of the 'real' flight training equipment)

My current plan is to use some incoming holiday cash from family to pay for about 60% of the cost of some Saitek PRO Flight Combat pedals (~$180) and I definitely want to go HOTAS.

Saitek has pulled the x-52 Pro from production and sales, and I cannot find one for sale anywhere. I am awaiting the X-55 details, and also keeping an eye on the Combatstick and Combat Throttle from CH. Otherwise I'll just go stock x-52 HOTAS =/

I wish I didn't work at a non-profit so I'd have the cash for a Warthog, but that won't happen anytime soon.

Likely final setup:

X-52 HOTAS (x-55 if reasonably priced and whatnot)
- On that note, do the x-52s support tightening the spring as they go bad? I anticipate a lot of wear and tear on this stick

Saitek PRO Combat pedals (Because they're wider than the CH pedals, and have some nice features)
Posted By: Tasorin

Re: Cockpit setups (Need a new joystick setup!) - 11/18/13 10:22 PM

You might just consider starting a super secret squirrel fund and wait until we have a more robust Alpha build by 2Q14 and you can better determine just what kind of peripheral support we are going to get and when we are going to get it.

What you have now is more then adequate for the Dog fighting Module we are about to get in December. I doubt there will be a lot peripheral support in the initial module. CIG/CR has been seen using the X-52 and 3D Pro exclusively when they do Web Casts for events and give us game play or when they do Office walk around nose-cam for Wingman's HangAr.

Look at it this way. A Buck saved today can be squandered in good faith tomorrow once you know if its going to rain or not.

Somewhere my ace Jew is smiling.
Posted By: Hobbitlauncher

Re: Cockpit setups (Need a new joystick setup!) - 11/18/13 11:27 PM

Correct, for now im not getting anything but the pedals (as a christmas present I am supposed to pretend to be surprised by)

I just want to plan ahead and know what I'm currently looking at versus what may become available.

And because I still wonder if anyone has used CH products.
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