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SCOTUS Nomination

Posted By: Sini

SCOTUS Nomination - 03/16/16 11:13 PM

Obama nominated Merrick Garland, a conciliatory nominee, GOP refusing to even consider.

I guess they decided Trump is inevitable, and anything else they do now short of starting a nuclear war is small potatoes by comparison.
Posted By: Derid

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/17/16 02:41 AM

Hadn't Garland been previously rejected? Plus isn't he a neo-fascist?

In any case, Dems have lost any moral authority to criticize GOP.

Not only is the GOP just following the "Biden Rule", there's no reason
at all for them to cave. Other than the prospect of having to confirm
either a Trump or Hillary nominee, the likes of which would almost
certainly also be a neo-fascist.

Honestly the best thing that could happen, is another nominee not being
confirmed. Possibly for years.


P.S. I am henceforth going to use the term neo-fascist as a general
catch-all term for groups and/or individuals who despise the idea of
regular citizens having political rights. (as opposed to gov't granted
political privileges)
Posted By: Sini

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/17/16 02:52 AM

I personally dislike you trying to invent (or carry over from your specific ecosystem) strange terms.

In this case I think correct terminology would be authoritarian statism.

Also, what you are calling milk tea party are probably social justice warriors (SJW).
Posted By: Derid

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/17/16 03:17 AM

One neologism deserves another. Theres nothing socially just about SJWs, and thus
freely allowing them to make such a claim in their very name without push-back is

Neo-fascist is a fitting term for general catch-all use. It's not intended to be
academically rigorous, but it is better than authoritarian statism for general

The difference, is AS is a very neutral term referring to a specific view of
gov't without implication of a driving worldview to inflict. Neo-fascist implies
a tribal view of some sort, and the purpose of the Authoritarian Statism is to
inflict it.

The Milk Tea Party and Trumpster Swamp are similar in this regard. The tribes
they represent may differ, but in all else they are more similar than not.

Unless the discussion is about the particular tribal differences, they can and should
be lumped together.
Posted By: Derid

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/17/16 03:42 AM

After thinking about it for a minute, I figured a bit of clarification might be fun.

Milk Tea Party does not apply so much to SJW specifically, as to the hypocritical
and irrational groups that claim (often falsely) a left leaning or liberal view but
apply (or do not apply) their stated principles in an incoherent or inconsistent
fashion. Typically with high degrees of self aggrandizing moralization and a large
dose of holier-than-thou.

Paul Krugman and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz are two famous Milk Tea Partier. Ta-Nehisi Coates
would be another Milk Tea Partier.

Many SJWs may be MTPs, just like many of the folk who shout about the Constitution one
second then turn around and support Trump style armed deportation assault teams another
second, may be Tea Partiers. They are both cognitively dissonant hypocrites and extremists but the MTP
and TP are not limited just to them.

As far as the neo-fascist term goes... I think it's important to start rhetorically recognizing
that groups who think the ends justify the means in achieving their particular tribal goals
are birds of a feather - and should indeed flock and be categorized together.
Posted By: Sini

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/18/16 01:08 AM

Originally Posted By: Derid
Theres nothing socially just about SJWs

This is exactly why this term is pejorative, and they know it. The term is effective, I recommend you use as it is more recognizable than your own invention.
Posted By: Derid

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/18/16 04:40 AM

Originally Posted By: Sini
Originally Posted By: Derid
Theres nothing socially just about SJWs

This is exactly why this term is pejorative, and they know it. The term is effective, I recommend you use as it is more recognizable than your own invention.

Honestly this is the only place I talk politics lately. I don't even read much, outside of the front page of Politico and Atlantic. Which I still do only cause I just cant help myself.

I wouldnt think too much on it, I'm just blowing off steam. The prospect of Trump vs Hillary for real real called for some invective, and I type that shit here.

Besides, Milk Tea Partiers and SJW arent equivalent terms. Due to existence of regular Tea Party, im pretty sure anyone would get the term. Maybe not, who knows. For the record, I will stand by my usage of the term. It wasn't a neologism used for the purpose of being original, it served a specific rhetorical purpose of word association.

If I were ever to bring it to wider use, I would agree I should define it better though.

Hmm. Extremist users of selective false appeal to societal inequality for the purpose of justifying the removal of political rights from opposing ideologies. Maybe?

Like, I dont see Krugman as a SJW per se.

I'm probably gonna go quiet again soon anyhow, politics is honestly too depressing these days.

As an aside, I really do recommend you go watch Psycho Pass. I'd been meaning to mention it for years but somehow never got around to it. It's a pretty accurate depiction of society according to act utilitarianism, the good and bad. You'd probably find it interesting.
Posted By: Derid

Re: SCOTUS Nomination - 03/18/16 06:35 AM

MTP, or SJW?

SJW just doesn't fit.
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