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hows everyone?

Posted By: ryushu

hows everyone? - 09/23/07 06:01 AM

havent been on in a while. hows everyone? what is everyone playing now and days?
Posted By: Elph

Re: hows everyone? - 09/23/07 12:54 PM

Playing DAOC nowadays.
Posted By: Garal

Re: hows everyone? - 09/23/07 04:30 PM

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: hows everyone? - 09/23/07 04:43 PM

Still playing DAoC. Hooking up w/ Elph on classic soon I hope
Posted By: ryushu

Re: hows everyone? - 09/26/07 04:11 PM

hahaha hey garal. Is everyone playind DAoC now or something.
Posted By: Garal

Re: hows everyone? - 09/27/07 02:54 AM

Nah only a couple KGB as always =) I think there's the usual group playing SB still as well. A few in UO and Eve also I think.
Posted By: Drakiis

Re: hows everyone? - 09/27/07 10:25 AM

and some in Guild Wars too
Posted By: Heidi

Re: hows everyone? - 10/02/07 12:11 AM

I can't wait to see what daylight looks like again... I've been working and going to school 24-7

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