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Legends of Aria Opens Beta Applications for Guilds

Posted By: Damis

Legends of Aria Opens Beta Applications for Guilds - 06/22/18 07:45 PM

Greetings KGB,

I am an old friend from Covenant of the Phoenix. I am not sure if your leaders are already aware that Citadel Studios is inviting guilds to experience the beta version of Legends of Aria for a free three week trial. In exchange for the trial, Guild Beta Testers have to promise to report bugs, and submit feedback via the guild leader three times. Once a week for the duration of the test. Guilds can get up to 20 free beta keys.

The game is similar to Ultima Online or at least it tries to, so that may or may not interest you. Things are slow this year when it comes to new game releases, so our guild is going to participate in the three week beta. I am not sure if we will stick with the game when it releases. We will see how the beta goes. In any case, your guild came to mind when I wondering if we knew some of the other guilds participating in the beta, so I popped over here to see if you knew about the beta.

Today is the last day to apply if you are interested.

Well, good hunting regardless if you roll on the game or not. Maybe we will see each other next year in some the new releases.
Posted By: Donkleaps

Re: Legends of Aria Opens Beta Applications for Guilds - 06/24/18 06:41 PM

Just now saw this friend but we are in. It's been on our list for a long while.

Catch you in game!!!

Posted By: Bleakwise

Re: Legends of Aria Opens Beta Applications for Guilds - 07/15/18 06:32 AM

It looked too much like a direct clone to me, major feature being revamped PVP mechanics without anything new or exciting except 3eeDee.

20 years later and Graphics don't even look as good as the sprites in UO.

At least it's not 14FPS Windows GDI (for you C programmers out there) rendering crap that never even got ported to DirectX except by some indie RunUO dev client called Sallos that comes embedded with malware by default.
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