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Posted By: JetStar

Binbs - 05/31/10 07:45 PM

KGB Paladin Binbs

- Arch Duke

- KGB Order of the Paladins

- KGB Senate Member

- Former KGB AoC Faction Member (Doomsayer)

- Former High Chancellor Vanguard (Tharridon)

- Former KGB Knight Vanguard, (Tharridon)

- Former Faction member of World of Warcraft, (Archimonde)

- Known as the AFK leveling expert

- KGB Grand Champion

- Former KGB High Chancellor, Shadowbane, (Vengeance)

- Former KGB Chancellor, Ultima Online, (Siege Perilous)

- Former Provost Marshal Ultima Online, (Siege Perilous)

- Former Warlord (G5)

- Former KGB High Council Member

- Known as Ultima Online Pacific's Best PvPer

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