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Posted By: JetStar

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 01/02/19 05:40 PM

WELCOME TO 2019 as KGB begins it's 22nd year!
Posted By: doggernaut

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 01/03/19 01:24 AM

Sheesh...your kid is older than my oldest. She just turned 21... O.O

...of course, I guess that means this is her 22nd year also...damn I'm old...
Posted By: Ifantis

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 01/14/19 03:38 AM

Anyone playing legends of aria I just got into it this past week
Posted By: Romeo_Montague

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 01/23/19 07:17 PM

There were a few but I don't know if they stuck with it or moved on.
Posted By: Drakiis

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 05/17/19 05:45 PM

KGB is still very young, once we get into our 30's then we can sit on park benches and feed the pigeons.
Posted By: Exey

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 06/12/19 05:33 PM

Cheers to all the old geezers in this family. Here's to many more!
Posted By: Cyrix

Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR - 08/08/19 09:23 PM

Yay, KGB is finally old enough to buy it's own beer in the states. LoL ;)

I've not been around nearly 22 years with KGB, but that's only my loss. I've enjoyed many games with you fine folks, & look forward to enjoying many more in the future! Hopefully my schedule will let up a bit before long & I can either revisit some of my favorites or tackle a new one. Either way, I hope my world domination will be along side my KGB family!

Here's to KGB!
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