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#53957 - 12/04/09 08:27 AM Favor Rewards from Patrons Information  
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Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,719
Houston TX
Note that all reps besides Total Favor need 75 for rank 1 and 150 for Rank 2, and 400 favor for rank 3.


Name: Drow Rep - Nyx Durandimion
Location: Outside Harbormaster's House
- Rank 1: Unlock creation of Drow at 400 total favor on one character
- Rank 2: Unlock +2 Tome, and 32 point buy characters at 1750 total favor on one character.

Name: Free Agents Rep - Capshaw the Crier
Location: Near the Leaky Dinghy
- Rank 1: Purchase up to +2 Healer's Kits, Thieve's Tools, Repair Kits
- Rank 2: Purchase up to +4 Healer's Kits, Thieve's Tools, Repair Kits

See below for Notes about Free agents rep below.
Name: Free Agents Rep - Jaidene Ironforge
Location: Shes next to the inn in refuge.
- Rank 3: Better chance to repair damage and not get "permanent damage"

Name: Silver Flame Rep - Astra Quinlin
Location: Just outside Catacombs
- Rank 1: cheaper spells from their guys at inns.
- Rank 2: The Blessing of the Silver Flame.(It gives you faster regen in town/taverns. 2 HPs and 8 SPs per tick.)
- Rank 3: Able to buy items from the Silver flame armorer(see next post for information ragarding what items)

Name: Coin Lords Rep - Montague Goudreau
Location: Outside the Marketplace Bank
- Rank 1: Get another inventory tab
- Rank 2: need to find a "collapsed hole" and 100 K Gold to get another inventory tab
Note*The guy that REPAIRS the Collapsed Portable Holes is next to the Drow Rep outside the Harbormaster's house. *

House D
Name: House D Rep - Oleg d'Deneith
Location: At the base of the House D "mountain"
- Rank 1: +3 Arrows/Bolts/Throwing Axes, etc purchasable
- Rank 2: 75% returning Arrows/Bolts/Throwing Axes, etc purchasable

Note *The quartermaster selling the items is the guy next to Oleg*

House K
Name: House K Rep - Karya d'Kundarak
Location: Just outside the House K bank
- Rank 1: Pay 20k gold to get another bank tab, same size as your current bank space
- Rank 2: Another Bank slot for 80kgp.

House P
Name: House P Rep - Maris d'Phiarlan
Location: Just outside the former Jewelry Broker Store
- Rank 1: Able to buy buffs that last 30 mins and persist into instances
Jump (+30) for 100gp
Mage Armor for 100gp
Tumble (+10) for 100gp
False Life for 300gp
Resist Energy (Fire/Acid/Cold/Electricity/Sonic) for 300gp
+4 Stat Spells (Bull's, Eagle's, etc) for 300gp
Water Breathing for 500gp
- Rank 2: Phiarlan Pendant of Time, Trinket which casts Warped Time on you as long as you're not in a "dangerous area"

Name: House P Rep - Reckard Soul
Location: Erstwhile Emporium
- Rank 3: Fixes equipment?

House J
Name: House J Rep - Rhialle 'Blossom' d'Jorasco
Location: by the Inn near the Graveyard.
- Rank 1: Able to buy buffs that last 30 mins and persist into instances
Bless for 100gp
Shield of Faith (+3) for 100gp
Remove Fear for 100gp
Aid (+18)
+4 Stat Spells (Bears, Bulls, Eagle's Owl's only)
Water Breathing
Resist Energy (Fire/Acid/Cold/Electricity/Sonic)
- Rank 2: Able to buy more buffs, same kinda thing as Rank 1

The Chamber
Name: Genecia <Agent of the Argonnessen>
Location: in the marketplace.
- Rank 1: Your choice of a Dragon shard or portable hole
- Rank 2: Feat: Draconic Vitality(Increases Your Maximum Hit Points by 10)

Items available for purchase from The Silver Flame Armorer
1- 100 +1 Ghost Touch Silver Flame Arrows. These are +1, Silver, Ghost Touch arrows, base value is 300gp.
2- 100 +1 Silver Flame Arrows of Lesser Undead Bane. These are +1, Silver and have Lesser Undead Bane, base value is 300gp.
3- Silver Flame Lesser Healing Potion. This potion will heal you for 100 HP and reduce all of your stats by ten for 30 seconds. This could make you helpless, or in the case of low con, it could kill you. It is great for a between fight heal. I have also experienced drinking this potion in a city area, the first time after a death, and I got the message: "A good rest has removed 222 points of XP debt. You suffer 24 points of damage from Disintigrate. You attempt to save versus Disintigrate. You roll an 8 (+39): save!" I tried to replicate this effect but wasn't able to. It was after I had logged in, so that is possible to have had an effect? dunno.
4- Silver Flame Healing Potion. This potion will heal you 250 HP, reduce all stats by 10 for 30 seconds, and slow you for 30 seconds. The Bse value is 4,000gp.

Jaidene is a blacksmith. She only has the skills to repair weapons, armor and shields. There will be another expert repair vendor for clothing and jewelry items in the next update.
At no time did the expert repair vendors ever have the ability to remove permanent damage. They do greatly reduce the chance of taking permanent damage when a repairing an item.
I'll see about clarifying Jaidene's dialog to mention exactly what she can work on and get rid of the unfortunate wording of her welcome message. "Replace" does indeed refer to her inventory of replacement weapons.

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#65382 - 05/13/10 02:22 AM Re: Favor Rewards from Patrons Information [Re: ltima]  
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Arizona, phoenix
nice job ltima you must spend alot of time getting all that information good job and hope you feal better

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