If any of you guys would like to join Instinct and I in atlas we started fresh a new company.

We are the Buck's Denizens, a little throwback to the pirate "freeport" of UO. Here is a link to our Company Listing on the playatlas.com forums...

Just thought I'd extend the invite. Just FYI we're playing as pirates, working on getting in some big alliance and just taking a RED=DEAD attitude, which in this game has nothing to do with murder count, just whether or not your allied or not.

If you haven't heard Atlas is the new Pirate MMO from Wildcard Studios spinoff Grapeshot, people who worked on Ark Survival Evolved, another great game for PVP that wasn't technically an MMO but in many ways reminded me of the Moongate situation in UO with the Obylisks.

As somone who played UO97, Shadowbane, Darkfall etc I can say Atlas and Ark before it solved many of the problems with offline raiding and siege meta very handily in Ark, and it's only gotten better in Atlas. There is a very organic step by step process to raiding which involves stealing land, lacing down a forward operations base, and then penetrating the security of the defenders, and likewise there is a lot that you can do to be virtually un-raidable if you are a well thought out and active company/tribe.

Atlas doesn't seem to have many of the serious bugs that Ark had, such as meshing and so forth which had a similar chilling effect to the old house-loot bugs in UO, except they were never fixed until the "Ark 2.0" release of Atlas. Anyway here's my invitation to you guys for old times sake.

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