Greetings old friends,

This is William of The Ancient Order. It has been quite a few years since Ive chatted with any of you. Probably when we last played together in Darkfall.

I am here to invite all of you to join the few TAO that are playing Conan Exiles on our private server. From your forums I did not see that any of you have tried Conan Exiles, but for any interested, our server is a great place to give it go.

Here is our server info:
Acheron's Legacy **WIPED 7.3.18** [RP PVP]

There are only a few of us playing together on this server. We would like to get more like minded players (no cheats) to join us in friendly Adventuring, Dungeon Crawls, PvP, building, sieges, etc.

We would love to see all of you come join us