War Stories from the KGB Home Game - Life is Feudal

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[KGB]Chez - Today at 11:31 PM
Just had an epic getaway. I logged back in at the bushes where I logged out near the trebs earlier. Got on my normal horse, started riding north, then immediately a cav guy on a warhorse sees me and starts chasing. I ID the guild (already forgot the name) and someone in TS says it's the guild that y'all wrecked earlier. He is right behind me now and keeps landing hits on my horse since his was faster. My horse runs out of Stam right as I get to some water, and am able to get off and store my horse, right as he stops right next to me and gets in a hit with a sword. I stay in the shallow water, and keep plinking his horse with arrows. He eventually hides behind a hill and stores his horse, but I use this time to get my horse back out and start riding south toward the road. I hit the road, and now I can see our keep in the distance, but my horse is steadily running out of Stam. Enemy is still in pursuit, and I start calling on anyone in TS to come out of the south gate to help. Horse runs out of Stam right when I get to the first set of palisade walls, but a couple of my KGB brothers in arms are already out there waiting to defend me. The enemy makes a couple charges, we each land some hits, then we retreat through the gate as a few more enemies arrive on horseback. EPIC! Thanks for the help guys, I almost didn't make it back. Chime in with the details I forgot if you were there.

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