Why am I not surprised that you're a screaming lib Salochin?

Medicare and Medicaid need to be abolished along with Social Security. None of these plans were designed, nor intended to last forever. Just like any other ponzi scheme, they will eventually fall apart and we're seeing that start to happen now. The problem is that you're being lied to and told "noooo, there's no problem. We have plenty of money." When the reality is that our country is $14.276 Trillion in debt. Our income is $2.179 Trillion per year and our spending is $3.522 Trillion. It's pretty simple math to figure out that each year we're generating negative $1.343 Trillion, or $1.343 Trillion more in debt(which does not include the $3.571 Trillion in interest payments that we won't be able to make because we don't have any money). The debt isn't getting any smaller and our creditors are getting tired of not being paid.

Now, $1.514 Trillion of that spending each year is Medicare/Medicaid and Soc. Security. There is no program that even comes close to rivaling these for potential to cut and get our budget issues under control.

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