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Harris et. al. are at best just enabling conservatives to prolong their avoidance of this introspection via their pseudointellectual drivel, and at worst can be legitimately blamed for being the actual ... (vanguard? storm front? I think I need a thesaurus) who are fueling the alt right.

I think I understood you perfectly when you called Harris " Stormfront who are fueling the alt right".

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He then went on to debate the merits of propping up the scientific racism Murray was peddling with Klein in an effort to collect even more paychecks

Here is a quote of you further clarifying this point by directly accusing Harris of racism.

He found purchase (multiple meanings implied) with controversy. It's not relevant to this topic his ideas on atheism, what's relevant is that he has become literally a peddler of controversy, and that is the reason he is giving platform to scientific racism.

Here is a quote of you dismissing atheism as an explanation and insisting it must be racism. By doing so you also question Harris' own explanation for his motivation, compounding your attacks on him by accusing him of dishonesty.

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Lunacy is continuously and unceasingly misrepresenting what I’ve actually said.

If you didn't intend to throw these accusation at Harris, what did you "actually" intended to say?