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What is the plan?

Everything else regarding our current status was covered in my prior post. The plan is - "We're on standby until enough knights who want to fight actually show up to fight alongside one another for whoever is paying the costs for each instanced battle vs China, for the time being."

The game is still the same game it was. Would-be fighters need to communicate with one another and our diplo guys in order to find out where the IB fights are and coordinate with one another to participate in them. They also need to be willing to respectfully follow whichever person is leading the fight in each of those fights, as the person leading will not be a KGB member most likely. Short of having a large number of active fighters, we're not going to be steering the vessel any time soon.

I'm not here to suggest the game is going to be wildly different - only that T1/T2 crafting and logistics will be handled more effectively while I'm heading up the crafting efforts. So long as people aren't being flippant about using a ton of gear/hoarding unneeded gear/not generating transport or supply that the guild needs - we should be capable of keeping people geared in T1/T2 equipment at this point.

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