Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal

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The guild formerly known as Kairos [BEER] has been renamed to The Knights of Glory and Beer [KGB]
• This is the faction's main and official guild, welcome to all knights of good standing in our organization.
• Leadership is currently established as [HC] Tasho/Jaguar [C] Kalbren with [Knight Captain] Doggernaut.
• If you are signing into LiF at least once a week at this time (or have spoken to leadership regarding absences other than disinterest in the game) please contact Jaguar or Kalbren in Teamspeak in order to have any characters you'd like placed in [KGB] kicked from [Pend], invited to [KGB] and then reranked appropriately in [KGB].

The guild formerly known as The Knights of Glory and Beer [KGB] has been renamed to Pendragon [Pend]
• Leadership/Ownership/Direction of this guild will be transferred to [VC] Ltima (Trade/Logistics) at a time she is ready to take over. She will be guild leader of the Pendragon guild and empowered to conduct all Pendragon business as she sees fit so long as it does not in effect conflict with KGB's guidelines or direction in Life is Feudal. If you choose to stay in Pendragon, any and all concerns regarding Pendragon's day to day will go through whatever leadership [VC] Ltima establishes for the northern city.
• [Pend] will likely be deallied from [KGB] and instead set to `Friendly` for game mechanics logistics/trade reasons due to the way war declarations and shared KoS lists for Kingdoms are conducted in Life is Feudal.
• At this time, any traders/crafters, less than weekly players or inactive knights are welcome to stay within the Pendragon [Pend] tag if they wish to live a quieter life in Life is Feudal.
• [Pend] tagged knights will be granted southern permissions on an individual case by case basis as to allow Ltima flexibility with recruitment/invitations to the [Pend] clan.

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