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The KGB Life is Feudal Leadership, in agreement with KGB Federal Leadership, have authorized the following awards:

[Linked Image] The KGB Guild Service Medal

Presented to:
Doggernaut, Stubs, Elorme, Instrument, Maledictus, Jaguar, Banshee, Thunderhelm and Helemoto

"The following members have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping with many menial, laborious tasks in helping support the guild above self while constructing the town of Pendragon's Rest. These members have all answered the call anytime a request was made for raw resources, or digging out whole mountains without a thought to their individual character progression. In recognition to their selfless contributions, as acting Chancellor of the Life is Feudal Faction, I bestow the KGB Guild Service Medal on you. Congratulations to all Knights and congratulations to KGB for rocking the first month of Life is Feudal, and establishing a solid town to build a war machine upon."

This medal will be added to their Hall of Fame records.

Congratulations Knights and thank you for your service to KGB!

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