You might just consider starting a super secret squirrel fund and wait until we have a more robust Alpha build by 2Q14 and you can better determine just what kind of peripheral support we are going to get and when we are going to get it.

What you have now is more then adequate for the Dog fighting Module we are about to get in December. I doubt there will be a lot peripheral support in the initial module. CIG/CR has been seen using the X-52 and 3D Pro exclusively when they do Web Casts for events and give us game play or when they do Office walk around nose-cam for Wingman's HangAr.

Look at it this way. A Buck saved today can be squandered in good faith tomorrow once you know if its going to rain or not.

Somewhere my ace Jew is smiling.

Don't make me have'ta Troll ya Bro!