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10 minutes 32 seconds ago The KGB Black Desert Online Faction NEEDS YOU! by JetStar

The KGB Black Desert Online Faction NEEDS YOU!

Preface by High King JetStar
Content by BDO High Chancellor Taxman and the membership of the BDO Faction.

The BDO faction has been a challenge and a real roller coaster ride. Many old issues regarding KGB factions, recruiting, and open vs closed have had to be revisited. We are working on some changes in the Senate that should give factions a better start. Despite the all the challenges, KGB BDO and its core membership have been steadfast in their tenacity and passion for the game. These qualities represent the best of KGB, and I hope each of you will read this post in it's entirety. There are some great testimonials from some of our original members. Thank you for your attention.

KGB Black Desert Online Faction

Our faction and the game itself had a bit of a rough start coming out of Beta. The addition of Node Wars and Valencia expansion came a bit slower than folks expected/wanted. But both are in-game now and working very well. The North American version has the whaling portion and updated fishing has also been added now (ahead of schedule). The developers have said they will be releasing the first “Awakening Weapons” and will come in the updates starting with Warriors within the next few weeks. During Gamescom over the past 2 weeks, the developers showed the naval combat and hinted that it will also be arriving “soon” (which is VERY exciting).

There are currently 21 Citizens playing under the KGB banner (+3 conscripts); we are no longer with Lethality and on our own now - so we are totally relying upon our own membership and recruiting to support us and grow. Starting next week, we are planning to begin taking nodes again at least on a 1 per week basis. In order to do this we are going to need some help! It is true that you can participate in Node Wars with as few as 10 players; however most active assaults/defenses are going to need 25-30 or more active and well-geared players on the field to hold the perimeter and push into the enemy's fortifications.

Many of our current players compare BDO to some of the best things they have seen in UO, ArcheAge, and other games - without so much aggravation/hassle. The game engine is stunning, the combat is very ACTIVE, there is a lot to fight for, and griefers that NEED to be dealt with - in true KGB style! Additionally, there are also many things attractive for the non-PVP and casual gamer in BDO, everything from taming/raising/breeding horses, trade skills, and crafting.

We have seen some of the former players coming back as well as some long-standing community members planning on giving BDO a shot and joining in with us. Whether you have tried the game in the past, or might like to give it try - NOW is the critical time to get involved! We need dedicated and excited members to help out, to bolster our ranks so that we can be victorious on the battlefields! So pick up your weapon (or tool) of choice - and join us in the fight!


Taxman, High Chancellor

BDO is a fusion of many games from KGB’s past with a lot of open-world mechanics; put into a vast/beautiful game (without load screens or zones to load into). There are plenty of opportunities for us to come in, unite, and kick-ass old-school style in this game! Our players in game now have the knowledge to get you levelled up quickly and geared up effectively. The combat in this game is pretty amazing, no tab-targeting, no telegraphing (showing immersion breaking hit-boxes on the ground/etc), and there is definitely a level of skill and tactics involved. From boxing people in, shield walls, arrow barrages, cavalry charges, to siege weapons and artillery; all can play a part in a BDO battle!

KGB Brothers and Sisters at arms are standing by to assist you. There are many ways and options on how you can build your gear up, you can pick what works for you and run with it. There are plenty of opportunities for ALL types of players in BDO! JOIN US IN THE CHALLENGE and wave the KGB banner proudly!


Owain ab Arawn, KGB Senator

In my estimation, Black Desert Online offers the KGB many game features that we have been waiting for. For nearly a decade since UO Siege Perilous, we have waited for a game that permits the enforcement of Player Justice. A game that offers large scale PvP. A game that supports the small unit combined arms tactics that was previously our stock in trade.

I think all this and more can be found in KGB BDO.

First, there are murderers roaming the lands just as there were red murderers in Ultima Online, preying on other players, totally unconcerned by BDO Karma game limitations. They are a blight that should be destroyed without mercy. One advantage we have in BDO that we did not have in UO is that there is no Recall spell permitting an easy escape. This always gave murderers the upper hand in UO. This is not the case in BDO. Once a KGB squad has identified a target, they can be pursued and destroyed.

Black Desert Online also offers the capability to conquer and hold territory and to reap benefits from that occupation. This is a welcome feature over many previous games with which the Great KGB Nation has been involved. That is one of the most challenging and rewarding end game features of BDO.

In support of Node War combat operations, there is also a role for the CKGB and KGB Knights who may want to have a casual play style, but still support wider KGB combat operations. There are guild gathering quests that supply not only necessary raw materials for the construction of fortifications, but also rank the guild up, thus granting significant buffs for all KGB guild members. As part of Node Wars, there is also a critical need for a KGB Corp of Engineers to build and repair fortifications during combat operations.

While the CKGB cannot directly craft gear for use by combat squads, food can be prepared to support Node defense and offense, supplying critical buffs necessary for both defenders and attackers, which includes infantry, cavalry, and ranged fire forces.

There is also a role that can be played with great effect by the KGB Secret Service. I have not heard much from this branch of the KGB for a number of years, but I know that on KGB UO Siege Perilous, they were responsible not only for espionage and infiltration operations to great effect, but also counter espionage operations. I can see enormous benefits from these operations on BDO.

I have offered my services to High Chancellor Taxman to help recruit, organize, train, and equip KGB units, both veteran and conscript, for service in combat operations to support KGB Faction interests in Black Desert Online.

All that is required is the willingness to serve.

“To the everlasting glory of the infantry…”
-- The Ballad of Rodger Young

“Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?”
-- Sergeant Major Daniel Joseph Daly, USMC, Medal of Honor recipient (twice!)


Helemoto, Chancellor

We can’t make the heads roll without your help. BDO has something for everyone. PvP and PvE. This game has more to do then I have seen in a game to date. It fits casuals and hardcore. Would love to see more KGB give it a try. Node wars are live and seafaring is on the horizon. We would love to help level you up and get you up and running.


Wildcard, KGB Supreme Knight
AKA "thorn-in-Jet's-side" since 1997!

<For entertainment down memory-lane, scroll down to "Holiday's bring Unrest in KGB Goverment" --> >

What can I say that hasn't already been stated? Tax and crew talked me into leaving my usual fall-back lurking mode to join them in BDO. I played BDO in pre-release phases, pre-purchased, yadda-yadda, but never really got into the game upon release.

Since allowing myself to be talked into joining the BDO guild tag, I've really been enjoying the game - what a difference the familiar camaraderie makes vs. just soloing/duoing yet another mmo grind. I thought that I would be way behind everyone else, but have found that you can quickly catch up to viable levels to participate in all of the game content.

And to address the "P2W implementation" changes that some have been complaining about? All I can say is that it's obvious that the naysayers haven't played certain other games, because BDO doesn't even compare on the P2W scale. "Pay to enhance", "Pay to look stylish" and "Pay to speed things up a bit"? Certainly; if you so choose. P2W? Not that I'm seeing - I may not be able to stand toe-to-toe with those who have been developing their gear/stats since day one, but I'm also not out of contention to participate at all or join in the fun. If you want to pay to add functionality and speed things up, then go for it. If you don't want to pay a penny beyond the original purchase price, then I see nothing keeping you from working your way toward your goals with some good ’ol elbow-grease effort.

The guild is reforming, and the guild is going to have to strive to get back onto the first-page lists. Any contribution of effort would go a long way toward increasing the opportunities for more guild functions, butting-heads against the zergs, and increasing the battle-readiness of the guild. The Knights of Glory and Beer venture onto the various online venues to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and we've been out of bubblegum for over 20 years! (All of this is true: the Wrigley's plant, located a couple blocks from JetStar's house, closed down about ~20 years ago. <>)

/salute and toast

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08/07/16 12:13 PM Documenting KGB History Project by JetStar

Hello Members and Friends,

As some of you noticed, the KGB History tab is badly lacking content. Almost 20 years of history is buried within KGB web servers and still online. I am starting to dive into these directories and will be posting as much as I can in the History Section.

Looking forward, it is important that we post news stories and faction status for future generations. I hope you will enjoy my updates.

Here are a couple of links to get you started:

The original site (Most links broken)"

KGB 1990's News Archive
You can see the KGB system evolving in real time as we lived through our first trials and tribulations.

Stay tuned!

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07/29/16 11:06 AM KGB's reputation and legacy by JetStar

--- KGB's reputation and legacy


KGB will celebrate it's 20th birthday in June of 2017. We have endured the test of time and remain one of the original and longest surviving gaming organizations. In that time, we have won and lost, been successful and failed miserably. We have had hundreds of active members, and sometimes just a handful. Throughout it all we remain a tight group of friends, a family.

KGB's presence in gaming world's always has a beginning and always an end. There are ups and downs in the middle. It is the MMORPG roller coaster. KGB, it leadership, and membership cannot be judged by these ups and downs. We can only ask, "Did I do the best I could?", "Did I give 100%"? If you can say yes, then you are representing our almost 20 year existence.

Personally, I have lead big factions to greatness, and been severely and humiliatingly defeated. In some cases, another KGB leader stepped up and lead the faction back to greatness. It is the cycle of life of our presence in these worlds.

KGB Archage, has been one of the most successful and longest lasting worlds that we have inhabited. KGB AA is experiencing the hills and valleys of the roller coaster I speak of. It may be winding down, or again rising to greatness. That is for you to decide.

KGB BDO has struggled to find the critical mass needed to compete on a global scale, and has see some steep hills and valleys in its own journey.

We always must be careful not to judge any faction on where it is on the crazy ride that is an online gaming worlds. It is however our duty as KGBers to support these factions. When fellow KGBers criticize the game that you happen to be passionate about, it can only divide our family and damage what can be a fragile morale. The critics seem to come out when a faction is most vulnerable. All of us, and help others be successful by just being positive, and encouraging our brothers and sisters when the chips are down. I hope you will all heed my advice.

Regarding our reputation. We are competitors in all we do. We don't always win, and we don't always lose, but we always give it 100%. Very few organizations have achieved the longevity that we have. We have learned the respect of the ages. The big names in gaming all know who we are, and even though they may not fear us, they do respect us.

Each of us carry the names of our fallen brothers and sisters, and we honor their names in all we do. People like Slash, Toxiclore, and most recently Fleeting. This is a place where they found a family and the joy of victory and defeat.

Don't be influenced by the game or challenge of the day, but think of KGB as a whole, and odds are that most of our current foes will not be around tomorrow to challenge us. We have stood and will stand the test of time. Our reputation will always endure.

Here is to the last 20 glorious years, and I look forward to the next 20.

In your service,
JetStar, KGB High King.

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Originally Posted By: KGB Articles of Confederation, Section 3, Clause 5
Clause 5: Faction authority applies to the specific assigned faction only. Officers may visit and be involved in other factions, but do not carry cross faction authority.

The following represents the chain of command listing command ranks only:


GM10 - High King/High Queen
----- GM5 - King/Queen
--------- GM4 - Prime Ministers
-------------GM3 - Chief of Staff

The rank of Chief of Staff is not defined in the Constitution. The Chief of Staff carries out day to day operations in service to the federal government. They carry the authority of the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen but may only act in their service and not independently.

In support of the KGB Federal Government, Placated will have the following duties and privileges
  • KGB Oracle Administrator Access
  • Access to KGB Web Accounts
  • Able to process applications and Knight KGB Citizens
  • Powers to complete all the day to day operations of KGB

I wanted to thank Placated for the extraordinary commitment to KGB and her willingness to take on these duties. She follows in the foot steps of the previous two famous KGB Chiefs of Staff, KGB Prime Minister Elph, and KGB Prime Minister Valaria.

Please join me in congratulating her.

Now that we are fully staffed in the federal faction, we will move to a more regular schedule for processing forms, promotions, court cases, and applications. This means that we will be actively processing two times a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) instead of sporadically as we are now.

Stay tuned as COS Placated is beginning her training today.

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Recent attempts by KGB enemies have been made to compromise our infrastructure. This includes:
  • Posing as KGB Members or Leaders to get admin access to KGB TeamSpeak
  • DDOS Attacks against KGB Server resources.
  • SSH attempts to hack KGB Server resources.

Always use a secondary means of validation before granting access to any KGB service.
  • Leverage KGB Slack to validate with a Direct Message
  • Oracle private message
  • Oracle SHOUTBOX message

This is the only way to say informed in the case of a TS or Oracle outage.

It is up to each of us to keep KGB services online and secure.
Thank you for your attention and action.

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07/16/16 08:09 PM A COURAGEOUS APOLOGY 14 YEAR LATER by JetStar


I stumbled across this today as I was processing KGB's 993rd Knight today. I made this post in 2012 just after I received a PM from a person involved in an incident long ago. This is an example of the longevity of this organization, and how many folks literally grew up with us. Please enjoy

I was surprised to find the following email in my inbox:
Originally Posted By: Matt (AKA Counselor Nether)

Long ago when I was a young teenager in middle school, I stole an UO counselor account of an internet friend and proceeded to kill a bunch of innocent people in Ultima Online by transporting them to jail and having them executed and having their goods taken. It was a pretty horrible thing to do and I wanted to apologize to the people I hurt. I was wondering if any of these people were still members of KGB or if I could personally speak to JetStar.

Kind Regards,

I remember this incident well and it is still in the KGB News Archives from 14 years ago. Here is information from the archives from that day, on the Pacific Shard of Ultima Online, June 10th, 1998 at about 3:00am in the morning:

KGB News Archives 1997 to 1999
KGB News Archives are available from most of our history here on the Oracle. See the right had bar on the PORTAL PAGE and look for the KGB NEWS ARCHIVES link.

HEADLINES for June 10th, 1998


At about 3:00 a.m. (Saturday morning, June 6th) I received a call from Speedy of KGB, he said a Hacked Counselor had thrown him in Jail. We sent several ICQ messages back and forth about what was happening. I was shocked and in a state of disbelief. This was obviously after GM hours, so on page three of the HELP button, there is way to page a Counselor. When asked for the description I used, "HACKED COUNSELOR, please help". I was safe in my tower, with doors locked. I must admit I am ignorant about the powers that a Counselor possesses. in less than five minutes the very Counselor that I was warned about appeared in the second floor GuildStone room in my tower. My stomach immediately knotted up as I knew I was in trouble now. The counselor attempted to appear many times, each of these times I attempted to greet him formally as my journal shows:
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: hello
JetStar of KGB: Sie
JetStar of KGB: Sir
Nether: hello
Nether: KGP
JetStar of KGB: One of my guild members
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: hello
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: Sir?
Nether: I crashed
JetStar of KGB: are you there
JetStar of KGB: Oh I see
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: hello?
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: Hello?
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: I keep losing you
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: Hello?
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: Hello

Counselor Nether is transferring you to jail
When he finally appeared he walked right on top of me and we both disappeared. I immediately appeared in what I have heard of as Jail. I looked around to see in the cell to the south of me was my GuildMate Speedy of KGB in combat with Hakim of DIE. Hakim had stolen Speedy's keys from him while in jail.

Counselor Nether went on to say: (quoted from actual Journal)
Nether: Suffer the wrath of Crash Overrid, hacked Counselor
You see: Counselor Nether
JetStar of KGB: You have hidden yourself well.

Not knowing if Nether could detect hidden or not I immediately hid. I looked in the cell to the north and saw Counselor Nether's death squad murdering innocents. you can see in the picture below, the two dressed in Black dresses and red sashes. I am hidden in the cell to the south. You can clearly see Nether witnessing the entire thing and the ghosts of the slaughtered begging in vain for the Counselor to stop the looting.

I realized this was a set up. After the two had killed and looted several in the northern cell the Counselor and the two killers began to bow to each other over and over. Still hidden in the cell to the south, I used my All Names macro and was taking screen shots over and over.
I identified the cheaters as:

Nightrunner: [Holy Knight, PV]

SirAmherst: [Vindicator Primus, PV]

I spend most of my time watching this take place in the northern cell. In the southern cell Speedy of KGB was in a fight for his life and his equipment. Hakim of DIE had already stolen his keys and was now trying to kill Speedy for the rest of his equipment. Both Speedy and myself were safely (or so we thought) and carrying a full batch of Guild keys. I was carrying the Master KGB set. After things calmed down in the northern cell, Counselor Nether showed up in my cell again to say:

I knew this was a trap! He wanted to put me in a cell with his PV henchman so they could kill me and loot me. I refused and hid. less than 20 seconds later I crashed. It took me several attempts to get back in, I would say about 4 minutes total before I back in the game. I checked my pack, and my keys, runes, and
reagents were missing, taken or stolen somehow while I was crashed. I WAS FURIOUS! I was contacting everyone on my ICQ list begging for help. I have many friends in the game and sent repeated spam to them all (Sorry friends, I was desperate). Apparently my cries for help were heard by many. The editor of
UOVailt, Counselors from other shards, and many others.

By 6:30 am Counselor Greys arrived. The PV murderers and Counselor Nether had long since gone. The counselors were very vague about what would be done, I was given contact information for two GM's and and returned to Nujelm. At this point the KGB master key set, my master rune set, and about 80 to 100 of each reagent were missing.

I wrote back and offered to post about this on the Oracle, and see if Speedy would again resurface to respond. I am sure some of you older vets remember this. We were able to get all out buildings redeeded (See a later post in the Archives) and this event slid from memory.

The aftermath of this was to end the UO Counselor program, which was a huge bummer to some. Many folks enjoyed their role as a Counselor and I think it brought a value add to the game and it's players. OSI decided they could not risk trusting non-employees with that kind of power.

I am glad to see Matt making amends to the folks that were wronged, especially after 14 years. Interesting stuff!

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07/13/16 03:31 PM JOIN THE KGB FITBIT CHALLENGE by JetStar


We gamers tend to sit around too much. Starting Monday, KGB will hold a weekly Fitbit "Work Week Hustle" challenge. Winners for each week will wind a special prize and bragging rights from the High King.

Members, please follow this LINK get the email address to add as a friend.

Join us today!

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