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KGB TeamSpeak
06/24/16 08:11 AM CHANGES TO KGB TEAMSPEAK by JetStar


KGB TS Administrator Zhou has been working on changes.

-Removal of SA's and A's
-From HC down each rank will have set permissions based on faction rank to edit/move/modify items.
Ex: HC will have permission to set any rank below his tier and also create permenant channels for his faction and move any user below the HC rank.
-Faction Ranks such as C, VC, Officers and Generals will all have certain SA and A permissions.
-Regular Members will have permissions to move users of a lower class and assign permissions as needed for lower class tiers.

-Currently added:
-Temperary Hubs have been added for any user to create Temperary channels to enjoy. You must be in the hub channel to create the temperary sub-channel.

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06/17/16 01:16 PM JOIN KGB SLACK TODAY! Outage Information and more! by JetStar

JOIN KGB SLACK TODAY! Outage Information and more!

This is for KGB members, New Member Candidates, and Conscripts only. KGB Members, New Member Candidates, and Conscripts with the proper access can follow this link:

KGB Oracle "Join KGB Slack" instructions thread

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06/13/16 01:21 PM E3: SEA OF THIEVES by JetStar


Looks kind of awesome!

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06/05/16 09:38 PM KGB ARCHEAGE PLAYER NATION by JetStar


There was a HUGE new patch with tons of new content; the largest being Player Nations. KGB in ArcheAge WILL be forming our Player Nation. (There also happens to be a huge prize for being 1st or 2nd in NA to form a Player Nation.)

Assuming that we can complete all the requirements to get this done, we will still need roughly 75 of us all online at the same time, in the same place, doing a specific emote in-game, to finalize the nation formation (YES, this IS a requirement and not a troll.) Any of you that still have AA characters, that could help us out by popping into our TS room and joining us for the final nation ceremony, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you happen to be willing to help us with the building/leveling up of the castle, there are ways you could contribute to that as well (if you are willing to log in once or twice a day over the next week.) Feel free to pop into the AA TS channel and we can give you further details.

Look forward to seeing you all at the final ceremony!

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05/20/16 11:41 PM KGB sponsored ARK server by JetStar

JOIN US on the KGB sponsored ARK server

Glory and Beer Gaming is a server sponsored by [KGB] The Knights of Glory and Beer (, one of sandbox gamings oldest organizations.

Making use of PrimPlus, we are attempting to add a little bit of MMORPG elements to our ARK server. The goal of the Glory and Beer Gaming server is to cultivate a solid PvP community while at the same time attempting to eradicate offline base breaking and the "griefer" style of play. We hope to attract like minded individuals for good times, good fun, and special events.

We offer...

*Primitive Plus
*5x XP
*5x Gathering
*10x Taming

Using Primitive Plus we understand we do not have access to ORP (which would be ideal) however we are going to AGGRESSIVELY enforce no offline raiding and do our best to ensure a soild mix of competitive and non competitive play in order to cultivate a solid community for our ARK experience.

Join us in KGB Team Speak or KGB Slack to get involved!

Glory and Beer Gaming [PvP] [PrimPlusMod][NoFly][NoGrief] - (v2 - ARK: Survival Evolved Servers
ARK: Survival Evolved Game servers, community, tutorials, documentation, and more. Find ARK: Survival Evolved servers.

Steam Workshop :: Primitive Plus Official
Steam Workshop: ARK: Survival Evolved.

Adds a bit of diversity into traditional primitive servers. Over 100 custom objects resources and weapons making a complete collection of realistic and practical items to enhance your primitive survival experience

What is ARK you ask?

Keep in mind for video 2, the only firearms on our server are musket and flintlocks. So it's lots of bows and melee. Essentially we are running ARKFALL wakka wakka

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05/18/16 12:29 PM Doom Review: Everything Wrong With Bethesda’s 2016 by JetStar

Doom Review: Everything Wrong With Bethesda’s 2016 Reboot

Doom has been out for a few days now, and the early verdict seems to be pretty positive. The initial batch of reviews-in-progress have praised id Software and Bethesda for successfully translating the series’ relentless demon-killing action for a generation of gamers weaned on Call of Duty and Halo. According to the early Doom reviews, the game’s campaign mode, pacing and atmosphere have earned the lion’s share of the plaudits so far.

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05/15/16 02:16 AM Teamspeak Update Installation Needed by JetStar


Estimated down time is 10 minutes maximum

Update at 10:10am: Update was completed successfully.

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