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03/05/18 10:26 PM LIF PIZZA MEMBERSHIP DRIVE by JetStar


Any full member that sponsors a new LIF Faction member all the way through to acceptance gets the Pizza of their choice delivered to their house by the High King. There is no limit to how many Pizza's you can win.

Sponsor a new Faction member today.

Member candidate must remain active through the entire membership process.

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03/01/18 07:54 AM KGB ARCHEAGE WAR UPDATE by JetStar


Originally Posted by Azulla, (F3) Vice Chancellor Archeage Faction
As the war continues to rage on between KGB and its Allies against the Player Nation of RIP I thought it was time for an update.

At the beginning of the War the brave souls of KGB decided that after 4 days of bad mouthing KGB from RIP we had enough and to war we went. The first couple of weeks were tough with our Valiant members racking up a lot of infamy as we slew our enemy in battle. Leadership even had to discuss the possibility of going pirate due to the rate at which some of our members accumulated infamy. During this time we got an ally in the fight against RIP by making sure as a guild we helped out any west that got caught up in our war. Enter Irrelevant Salt. after wiping the RIP raid at Yny dgs we got word that RIP had ported to Heedmar and started to Mess with Irrelevant Salt at that dgs. We ported up and made sure that IS got the dgs and all it packs, Our paranoid enemy then thought IS was with KGB But little did they know we just ported to make sure RIP didn't get anything. After another time of RIP now purpling on IS they joined our side and we combined forces to stand against the growing enemy.

During all of this we also had growing support from West guilds and individuals. As a leadership group we sat down and talked about how we would handle this. To start with we offered anyone that wanted to join our side would be invited to our Raids but didn't have to Join KGB guild. This worked at the beginning with individuals joining us from other guilds. However RIP started to pressure the Guilds of those members fighting with us so we were approached and asked if it was a possibility for those who wanted to fight with us to join the Guild. Leadership sat down once again and Talked about it. We had the ability to get this people in as conscripts and this was our war so we felt it only right that KGB should extent its protection to those that wanted to fight but not drag those that didn't want to be involved along with them. So we opened our doors to those that wanted to fight but did not have the means or ability to in there own guild for the time we are at war with RIP. We feel this reflects the way KGB is.

With our growing Infamy becoming a problem a plan was hatched to force RIP out of the west and into the player nation that brought but didn't want to go in. So we brought one of the siege scrolls to force RIP into its nation and defend the Castle.
The Siege was very one sided with RIP bring way more then we had and our gearing us, But the goal was achieved we forced them into nation and now the Infamy our players had be racking up changed to honor.

Our enemy has now Allied the east and in recent battles has brought as many as 85 people to fight our 40-50. We are still getting content with us taking Kraken off them 55-85 then taking a dgs while stopping them at the other and wiping them at Red Dragon making it impossible for them to Do it.

With the PVP that has been happening on our little server other larger guilds have started to pay attention and in the coming weeks the Landscape of thunderwing could change dramatically.

Stay Tuned for more updates from the War

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Maledictus accepts the first of the LIF Pizza Payoffs

[Linked Image]

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02/26/18 03:49 AM THE KGB PIZZA CHALLENGE IS BACK by JetStar


You get a pizza bounty for killing:
Jackal OPP
Dolmar UDA

Kalladin killed Jackal OPP = 1 Pizza
Roachcoach killed Dolmar UDA = 1 Pizza
Maledictus snuck into UDL's base and killed Dolmar = 1 Pizza

[Linked Image]

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02/26/18 03:31 AM PVP ACTION IN KGB LIF by JetStar


Watch your KGB Brothers and Sisters in combat with old KGB enemies OPP, UDL, and UDA.

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02/23/18 04:49 AM Life is Feudal PVP Action by JetStar


Donkleaps - Today at 5:42 PM
So we had 6 show up to that IB.
Our side lost but it was a blast.
More KGB = more wins.
Donk = 6 kills

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02/20/18 11:17 PM NEW VERSION OF BOARD SOFTWARE by JetStar


Primary Changes In This Release
-Attachment Display is now customizable between Grouped or Inlined.
-Support for Google reCAPTCHA.
-New "My Account" drop-down menu. This menu replaces the "My Stuff" menu/links.
-Login page now returns the user back to the page they were previously viewing just before logging in.
-Attached images can now be automatically resized and/or compressed at the time of upload.
-New Fetch_ip function to retrieve the correct Client IP address for sites behind a CDN or Firewall, or user accessing the site behind a proxy.
-Facebook "Like" has been added
-Facebook "Share" has been added.
-New Styles added, "Ventura" and "Ventura Open." (Five variations are available: Burgundy, Cobalt, Pine, Ink, and Mint)
-Posts will now display an "OP" next to the name of the "Original Poster." Customizable per style.
-New Posts will now display a "NEW" indicator in the post subject/details bar. Customizable per style.
-New default avatars will be displayed for users who do not have a profile avatar set.
-Long pages now will display a "Return to Top" FAB.
-Smooth Scroll added to the "Return to Top" FAB and the post/message previews.
-Subscription Details page can now be printed and are printer friendly.
-Pages can now have their HTML minified on the fly.
-Responsive layout on mobile devices can be disabled for your entire forum.
-Control Panel now sends you directly to the Log In page if you are not logged in and attempt to access it.
-Topics can now be re-rated if Topic Ratings are enabled.
-Social/Sharing Settings, and CAPTCHA Settings groups have been added to the Control Panel (General settings section).
-Shareaholic setup directions have been updated.
-SQL Backup now works as expected, and is quicker. Backup progress information is now displayed. Task start/end times are now added to the Admin Log.
-Multiple language updates within the Control Panel for consistency, clarity, and layout improvement.
-Cleanup of language strings, templates, CSS, and JavaScript files.
-Any code and page validation errors that were found, were fixed. There were a few of each.

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